INTROPAK is a family tradition. We have been in the printing business for over 5 decades. We specialise in offset printing and the production of premium packaging. We endeavour to ensure that the experience we have gained translates into long, lasting and beneficial relationships with our customers.

Early period

The history of the founding of the INTROPAK company dates back to the early seventies. The founder and originator was Wojciech Płochocki – son of the well-known binder Zygmunt Płochocki. The knowledge and experience he acquired from a young age and the skills he learned at DSP led to the decision to pursue his own economic activity. In 1972, the company was registered under the name: “Manufacture of cardboard and paperboard packaging Wojciech Płochocki”.


New technologies

In the 1980s, new technologies were developed.

HOT-STAMPING – this is the domain of printing, the secrets of which we mastered to perfection. This resulted in packaging for the beauty, pharmaceutical and publishing industries, among others

The 1990s

A breakthrough moment for the company is the early 1990s. New name, new logo and new premises.
Since 1990 we have been operating as the INTROPAK Printing House with its registered office in Celestynów at 9 Wojska Polskiego Street.
We commence operations using a professional, half-format, four-colour ROLAND printing machine.

intropak celest

New Millennium

The turn of the century triggered a huge increase in the popularity of packaging for the phonographic market. Packaging for CDs, DVDs and BLURAYs were among our flagship products at the time.
At the beginning of the 21st century, we are already printing on a modern five-colour KBA RAPIDA 74 machine. We are expanding our machinery, implementing new technologies and increasing an employment level.
We certify ourselves and introduce the ISO 9001 quality management system

REGUT ul. Nowowiejska 39

Since 2011, this has been our new workplace and registered office of the company.
A modern, fully automated undertaking that meets all European standards. We are upgrading with further equipment including two six-colour, full-format hybrid printing machines from KBA, gluing machines, die-cutting machines and much more.
We work in a superb team, creating packaging for a diverse group of customers, ranging from media productions, through a wide range of beauty and stationery products, pharmaceuticals to food and alcoholic beverages

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